Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some assembly required...

aminated tigger and piglet happy dance

I'm doing the happy dance today.
With our tax refund I was able to get some new kitchen chairs to go with an oak table that our friends gave us.  Hubby has been resanding table and adding new varnish.  It is ready to hit the Kitchen floor.  Picked up the chairs today.  Though we didn't get them through the CSN stores they are the same exact ones that I've had my eye on at the CSN Stores...

The furniture store we ordered them through called on Thursday and said they could be picked up last night (Friday).  However, hubby worked so he picked them up this morning....

2 chairs one box....hummmm some assembly required obviously.  Not quite how I was expecting them to come, but ok we can handle this.... Well, hubby can at least.  hehehehe

Looks like he got it together.  Now we have to get the new oak table up.  I'll post pictures later next week of the new look.  I'm so excited.  The chairs are so neat and look ever so nice and even very comfortable.  You can order them from CSN stores and even get different fabric patterns.  We could have ordered any fabric but it would have cost extra through the furniture store, if we ordered what they carried we got a discount. 

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