Friday, June 18, 2010

FFF ~ June 18, 2010

1. Flip Flops ~ By the way today is national Flip Flop day

2. Store Giveaways. Our Cablea's had a first 50 customer giveaway. I was one of them. WooHoo!

3. Mailbox surprises. One of the Women's health places in town sent out this to those on their mailing list. I GOT ONE! However, not for long. DD said, "That's cool mom, I'm going to need one of those next semester in school" UGH! (BYW: It is leather, really nice) Shh! don't tell I was thinking of giving to dd anyway. Just had to make her feel like she was taking something from good 'ol mom.

4. Blog winnings ~ I won this Egyptian hand cream from a blogger. Cool!

5. Second hand store finds. Read the up on this find here.

6. Sewing ~ Don't forget tonight is third Friday. FNSI (get details here)

You got a bonus today. I forgot how to count. I had another one, but guess it'll save for next time.
Happy Weekend to you all.

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